Bangkok – 1. Arrival

At the airport, right after clearing immigration and retrieving your luggage at the carousel, and before walking out of the terminal, there are several money exchange vendor booths.  I would recommend changing only around $50 USD since that amount is more than adequate to get an airport taxi into Bangkok, and purchase sundry items as you get settled into your hotel.  The exchange rates are slightly better in Bangkok proper (I recommend Vasu Exchange or Rich). For $50 USD, you would get around 1,500+ THB (mid October, 2020 conversion rate of around 32 THB per $1 USD).
You only need 400 baht or so (plus 50 – 100 THB for tolls and an airport surcharge) for the metered cab ride to the downtown Sukhumvit area. The metered cabs are outside on the ground floor, in an area with a dispatcher who prints out a slip and directs you to the cab in a numbered stall.
The cab ride to our hotel, the Radisson on soi (street) 13, or to the Key Hotel on Soi 19, took about 45 minutes. Travel on the expressway was not a problem, but the 30 kilometer ride was extended because we came to a dead stop on the expressway just before the Sukhumvit Road exit. Traffic on Sukhumvit is bumper to bumper at most times of the day.

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